Saturday, June 4, 2011

Time for a new Doctor?

On the way to a doctor appointment this week, my 3 year old had a brilliant plan!

"Mom, you need to change doctors!"
"You need to see 'that mom's' doctor because her doctor got her baby out and your's isn't!"

I really wish it was that simple...
For now, I will stick it out.  My doctor assured the lad that he would let our baby come out next Thur.  Five more days...unless God thinks otherwise.  I'd be ok with that, too.  ;)

IN the meantime, this weekend, I'll be watching soccer, and more soccer. With a mix of cleaning- mostly sweating soccer uniforms...You get the picture.

Friday, June 3, 2011

Cops and robbers...

Upon arriving home on the last day of school, my kids with some friends decided to get a good game of cops and robbers going.  I kept glancing out at their play, smiling...until I saw this:
It's kinda eerie, don't you think...

Until you get yourself together and realize he actually fell asleep while his sister was pushing him on the swings.
Off to your bed young man!

In a world of boys (and girls) we must keep up the Good Fight...
yet rest so we can be prepared for yet another battle.