Monday, October 30, 2017

When our best gets better:

The look my kids mimick after seeing my response to their efforts of tidying up:

Really, they thought it was good! It may or may not have been their best effort, but they are still learning!

We are all works in progress... still learning, and wishing for acceptance. Thankfully Jesus has already sealed us with a Spirit of adoption as children of God. And if children then heirs. If heirs, then under the living protection of Abba, God the Father! Rom 8:12-17 In love, we will want what He wants and we will learn to follow Jesus who blazed the path for our glorified reunion. 

When we live with the knowledge of being a beloved child of God, we become “fearless and therefor powerful.” Do you suppose the crucifixion got a look like this by some with the thought, “This is the son of God?”  “This is the best you’ve got?” Beware of the power of Grace which allows us to PERSEVERE and overcome any trial in union with showing God’s glory! 

Happy Halloween

Wednesday, March 1, 2017

Everyone Farts

"Everyone Farts!" Said the boy with the widest grin a 5 year old can give. This always makes us reflect his smile!

I'm reminded of his statement on this Ash Wednesday as mere truth! A fact of life. A fact that is not always pleasing, but still brings happiness!

Why do you say? Because it reminds me of sin. Sin is much like a stinks, we all suffer from it (directly and indirectly), it is sometimes noticed by others, and sometimes it's not; but it's still there. When we declare it and repent, it brings much joy! And I think 'Thank God, who shows us mercy and love when we are at our worst!' That IS something to smile about!

We had a past pastor who used to always say (in a natural, monotone voice, which also made us smile), "Have a happy Lent." The joy of lent comes wrapped in suffering AND hope of new life! Again, something to smile about! May His grace carry us forward as we repent, pray, fast and give alms during this season and beyond!

Did I say SMILE? 😁