Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Personal Trainer

Christopher is getting me in shape!  

and down

again, up


He's a tough act to follow, but his smiles are worth the workout! 

With Lent in full bloom, it's time to spiritually workout as well!  
Train our souls to go the distance!

Are you with me?

Let's get started and practice prayer a little more each day;
 so that we may be strong enough to crawl, then walk, and RUN!

Monday, February 15, 2010

Love, Measured in Distance

A while back, Daniel came home from school and stated, "Mom, I missed you."
Continuing, "But I missed Dad more, his office is way farther away from school than our house is. That's why I missed him more."

Thursday, February 11, 2010

Our Lady of Lourdes in the Pig-sty

What is the pigsty? The place where pigs live; a dirty, stinky dwelling.

Like any good mother, Mary wants to pick up and clean a dirty or untidy space; She wants to see things clean! She knows that the best way to get the job done is to make herself present, state what needs to be done, and then help us do it.  She is such a good Mother! She sees our messy lives and shows us the way to clean it up.  At the same time, it is never about Her, but always about Her Son, Jesus; as She tells us, "Do whatever He tells you!"

What does Jesus tells us? Repent, Pray, Love.  It's that simple!  Yet our being tends to fight such simplicity. Even when we know it's what we want, we fail.  We are poor souls needing continual work, just like our homes!  Yes, our sins usually stay the same, but the clutter of our homes is typically the same as well!  We clean our homes: sweep and mop the floors, launder the clothes, wash the dishes and try to stay on top of the mess, for when it builds up, it takes over us, it's too much to deal with and we become more complacent. The same is true for our souls: we must repent more frequently to keep our spirits tidy; so that sin doesn't take over us and make us even more complacent.

We must ask for the grace to clean: both our hearts and homes.  Look around and see what needs to be done and do it!  When we are not sure, ask Our Lady, for like any good mother, she will point us in the right direction and tell us where things belong!  She loves us, but to keep things running smoothly, we must help with the work, like any good child!

So grateful to Our Father for allowing the Mother of Jesus to come to our pigsty and help cleanse us!
"Those whom I love, I rebuke and discipline. So be earnest and repent." -Rev 3:19

St. Bernedette pray for us who struggle with sin.

Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Ordinary Time

Let me tell you that I love you
That I think about you all the time
O [Maria] you are everything my heart desires

This is the tune that brought me to Adoration early this morning.  I had a difficult time getting out of bed on this quiet, snowy morning, and thought, 'Can't I just be with You, in the comfort of my warm home, Lord?'
I got up and walked into the chapel singing the song above back to Jesus.  However, I had to change the words a bit 'I think about you most the time.'  Wishing it was ALL the time.  Then listened to Him sing it back to my heart.  After a moment of time, I broke the silence with a fart, pass of gas, flatulence whatever you want to call it.  I quickly apologized, saying to Jesus, "I probably shouldn't do that in here, huh!" At that instant, this little toot became a prayer. A conversation with God that went something like this:

"Well Jesus, you were human, didn't you ever fart?  I'm sure you understand.  Did you ever fart and have the disciples chuckle?  Maybe Your's weren't this smelly because of you Divinity, but maybe they were.  Tell me about it."
~Pause to listen~
Chuckling, "Did you ever have to give those fishermen you hung out with a hard time because of their farts? I've been around a fisherman, and he doesn't always smell so nice when he passes gas!"
~Pause to listen~
Did you ever ask Our Father, "Really, Dad, farts? What good is there in that? These men stink!"

And the answer for the gift of farts:
Humility and Conversation aka: prayer - taking the ordinary and making it extraordinary.

Yep, that's what my farts in the chapel were this morning.  Extraordinary! Gifting our Father back.
Humbly admitting I'm human (and smelly).  I hope it doesn't linger.  But, if it does, the people after me might just have something to talk to God about, too!  ;)

Monday, February 8, 2010

2 Many

When asked how old he was, Vincent said,
 "I Two Many!"
And this look of his says it all!
 Yes, some days he IS 'two many'!

Here's what he has accomplished this past year:
He has become an avid climber; indoors and out!

I must say, he is quite good at driving my patience;
 in one direction or another!

And baking
To take care of his mama!

A bit of rest as he protects his little brother!

The art of taking a girl for a ride on his 'bike'!

He can pour his own cereal
into his bowl.

And he has become quite the carpenter with his Daddy!

Happy 2nd Birthday Vincent!

One bridge crossed, hopefully many more to come!

Monday, February 1, 2010

The fine art of asking nicely...

Gina:  Gimme some milk. Gimme milk now.
Mom: I'm waiting for some nice words.
Gina: Please!
Mom:  Try, "May I have some milk please."
Gina: May you Gimme milk PLEASE!
Mom: May I have milk please.
Gina: May I (pause) Gimme milk please.
Mom: May I have milk please.
Gina: Will you gimme milk please, I asked nicely!
Mom: May I have milk please.

After a couple more tries...
Gina, in the sweetest voice: May I have milk please.
Mom: Oh, Yes, you asked so nicely!
Gina: Well, gimme it. not so fine.  Yet.
Sigh...we'll keep practicing!