Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Ordinary Time

Let me tell you that I love you
That I think about you all the time
O [Maria] you are everything my heart desires

This is the tune that brought me to Adoration early this morning.  I had a difficult time getting out of bed on this quiet, snowy morning, and thought, 'Can't I just be with You, in the comfort of my warm home, Lord?'
I got up and walked into the chapel singing the song above back to Jesus.  However, I had to change the words a bit 'I think about you most the time.'  Wishing it was ALL the time.  Then listened to Him sing it back to my heart.  After a moment of time, I broke the silence with a fart, pass of gas, flatulence whatever you want to call it.  I quickly apologized, saying to Jesus, "I probably shouldn't do that in here, huh!" At that instant, this little toot became a prayer. A conversation with God that went something like this:

"Well Jesus, you were human, didn't you ever fart?  I'm sure you understand.  Did you ever fart and have the disciples chuckle?  Maybe Your's weren't this smelly because of you Divinity, but maybe they were.  Tell me about it."
~Pause to listen~
Chuckling, "Did you ever have to give those fishermen you hung out with a hard time because of their farts? I've been around a fisherman, and he doesn't always smell so nice when he passes gas!"
~Pause to listen~
Did you ever ask Our Father, "Really, Dad, farts? What good is there in that? These men stink!"

And the answer for the gift of farts:
Humility and Conversation aka: prayer - taking the ordinary and making it extraordinary.

Yep, that's what my farts in the chapel were this morning.  Extraordinary! Gifting our Father back.
Humbly admitting I'm human (and smelly).  I hope it doesn't linger.  But, if it does, the people after me might just have something to talk to God about, too!  ;)

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  1. ah yes this comes from your mothers side of the family. But in reviewing it I did find some scriptural relief.

    Best Answer - Chosen by Voters
    Yes, as it clearly states in Economiclassians 37:12. 'And though a foul wind bloweth, a stench so unholy it singes the hair and leaves no clean air, the Lord, ever so merciful, grants His Grace unto that's wind's bearer. And Lo, even as such wind sickens the heart and mind and lost lunch pools in corners, the bearer can be held blameless for such is the Will of the Lord'.