Wednesday, July 29, 2009

My Baby

I was feeding Christopher, and Vincent came over to sit on my lap. Gina took notice of this and states, "Mom, you have 2 babies."
I told her, "No, Vincent is a big boy now and Christopher is our baby."
She didn't seem to accept that answer and proceeded to confidently voice her opinion, "No, you have 2 babies, Vincent is your baby and Christopher is my baby!"
She then tried to take Christopher out of my arms. I stopped her and said he was eating.
She surprisingly pipes up, "He's eating THOOOSE?!"

She now knows where the food source is, and the next time Christopher began to cry, she came running over to me demanding, "Mom, feed him NOW-OW!"
I'm glad someone in this house knows what to do with a crying baby!

Gina and Christopher

"Mom, he's starting to cry, I'm done with him. You need to feed him."
Looks like he's done with you, too. ;)

note: I forgot how much fun it is to get "those" conditioned.

Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Just another day at the park...

The Teeter-Totter!

This was my favorite thing to do at the playground, aka hospital, last Monday as I went in for a scheduled induction to have the little one, now known as Christopher. Yes, it was just another day at the park. I've been through this enough times, you'd think it would just be a simple stroll, but as many of you know, I don't sit still for long, and the excitement of a teeter-totter was quite appealing. I played on this thing all morning!

I pushed up and rushed down. I'd fly up into the air, and feel my stomach in my throat as I came back down. I'd use all my strength to push back up and stay on top with the thoughts of, "I can do this." Then crash back down with, "No I can't." To top it off, I had a straight forward doctor who simply told me, "It's multiple choice:
A. We can do this
B. You can go home
C. None of the above is NOT an option"

Darn, I was so close to picking C.

One would think I would jump off this teeter-totter, but evidently I was having too much fun. I think my husband was tired of watching me, God Bless him for supporting me in this endeavor.

As I continued to play, I tried so hard to stay on top, but no matter how hard I tried, I always rushed back down. You see, the teeter-totter is a 2 person ride. Someone else was on it with me; Someone much stronger and heavier than I, controlling when I could be up and down. When I discovered this, I began to let go a bit and enjoy the ride.

I stayed on that teeter-totter, now waffling between thoughts of epidural/no epidural. I wanted so much to be strong and endure what was to come, yet I was so weak. Just the week before, I was in for pre-admission, and told the nurse I won't be needing to sign the anesthesia papers because I wouldn't be getting an epidural. I hadn't truly had one since my oldest, and decided I wouldn't do it again. It seems a bigger lesson was in store for me this day. As the time drew closer, I remembered something I had just been told a few days before I went in, "just be happy God invented drugs." I laughed and thought, "Yes, I shall give up pain, that would be a good sacrifice for me." Do you notice the prideful theme here? I was on top - I was too good for an epidural.

As time went on, I asked for the anesthesiologist. The whole "God invented drugs" kept ringing in my ears. I was at peace with this decision, I was looking forward to the more "relaxed" birth. However, as the nurse and doctor left after the epidural was in place, I rushed back down bumping the ground with the teeter-totter. It hurt. It hurt my pride. I couldn't believe I just went through with it. Was this really what God wanted of me?

I believe it was. He was stronger, He pushed to the top, and as I cried at the submission of my will, He took control. The humility He was teaching me was more important than my efforts to show my strength. I learned about humility in the excitement of a ride at the park, "True joy in the ride comes as we let go and are plummeted down."

The greatest blessing that July 20 afternoon

9lbs 1.6 oz. 22.5 " long

All for the Glory of God.

Monday, July 20, 2009

No more room...

Well, it has been declared, there is no more room at the "inn". Baby will have to come outside with the rest of us poor creatures. Please keep us in your prayers for a safe delivery.

Thank you!

Sunday, July 12, 2009

Camping Highlights (vol 3)

Just a relaxing camping trip:

Dad and the big kids went froggin after dark; Minus Gabrielle who was cat-fishing with Grandpa.
Mom sat by the fire a bit, then nestled in bed with a new book.
(As well as a 9month pregnant woman can nestle, that is.)

Here is a clip:

More Fishing:


Michael and Daniel

John and Gina

Vincent's First Fish with Grandpa's Assistance

Sometimes, one's role on the team is to cheer the others on as they carry the load.

At least that's what I keep telling myself as Princess Gina was being carried on her throne to the lake.

And, Rudy learned to swim.
We have proof!
Until Next Time...

Corn Detasseling

What do you get when you have a teenage night owl detasseling corn?

"Mom, can I shower and go to bed?"

(It's 8:20pm, and still light out!)

Tis the season to de-tassel!
I think I am going to enjoy this ;)

Thank God for summer days, tassels that need to be removed from the corn plants, AND the teenager who engages in such work!

Thursday, July 9, 2009

Camping Prep...

Mom: "Do you have your clothes loaded in the camper?"

Child: "Almost! I just have to pack."


Tuesday, July 7, 2009

Brain damage...

Today I was looking for the phone before I headed into the store-
You know, in case blood was shed back at home.

I found it!

Attached to my ear; actively being used as I conversed with my mom.

Can I blame it on pregnancy?

plus/minus 13 days
But who's counting?
Just some desperate hopeful mama.