Wednesday, July 29, 2009

My Baby

I was feeding Christopher, and Vincent came over to sit on my lap. Gina took notice of this and states, "Mom, you have 2 babies."
I told her, "No, Vincent is a big boy now and Christopher is our baby."
She didn't seem to accept that answer and proceeded to confidently voice her opinion, "No, you have 2 babies, Vincent is your baby and Christopher is my baby!"
She then tried to take Christopher out of my arms. I stopped her and said he was eating.
She surprisingly pipes up, "He's eating THOOOSE?!"

She now knows where the food source is, and the next time Christopher began to cry, she came running over to me demanding, "Mom, feed him NOW-OW!"
I'm glad someone in this house knows what to do with a crying baby!

Gina and Christopher

"Mom, he's starting to cry, I'm done with him. You need to feed him."
Looks like he's done with you, too. ;)

note: I forgot how much fun it is to get "those" conditioned.

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  1. Oh my goodness, those pictures are too darn cute! Congratulations!