Thursday, April 22, 2010

World Cup Bound

Yes, things are getting a bit more intense on the pitch!
Vincent's cheekbone bruises are beginning to fade from Saturday's pick-up game with the big kids; but the lessons live on!
There are many times in our game of life that we have a choice to play hard and do the right thing.  Many of those times we take a bit of a beating. We're like grapes tossed into the wine-press; trodden upon and bruised.  For what reason?  To be made into the finest wine! Jesus gives us the ultimate example of giving it our all: beaten and bruised to become a pleasing offering to God.  It's not particularly enjoyable, but I guess God knows what He's doing.  All we need to do is thank Him for the opportunity to suffer, offer that suffering as a prayer, and allow Him to transform us.
Are you Cup bound?

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