Monday, April 11, 2011

Just in 'Slime' For Easter

Kneed something to do? 

My boys recently made some slime, or silly puddy, or goo, or whatever you call it. The concoction has kept my kids rolling with laughter and creativity.  

1c. washable school glue
1c. water
and paint 
(like life, I didn't see exactly how much they put in)  

*note: our red paint made the slime hot pink

mix in separate bowl:
1c water
.5c Borax
Combine Mixtures 
It's a bit gooey at first 
 But as it changes
 It gets less sticky
 And more strong...
Pizza anyone? 
Runaway slime...
Whoopie Cushion? 
 Whatever your mind imagines...

When you're done, keep it in a plastic bag and bring it out later! 
(You may need to add a touch of water to keep it pliable.)

We too can be a bit sticky at times, but when we combine our 'colorful acts' with some cleaning solution (Reconciliation), God's mercy and grace bring joy and strength to stay focused and keep working.

Let's make these last few days of Lent a time of joy and strength, so we too may Rise with the Love of Christ!

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