Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Potty Training...

Life lessons hit me the most through my children, and for this I thank God. Right now we are working on potty training a two year old. A two year old who knows what's going on, and removes his soiled clothes and brings them to me with an, "Ut oh, uck!"

In between the 'ut oh's' we attempt to get him to eliminate on the toilet with no success. We keep placing  him there in hopes that he will soon succeed.  Well today came another 'ah ha' moment of life with God. In between the ut oh's of our life, He keeps putting us on the toilet so to speak, in hopes that we succeed. Is there a virtue in our lives in need of training? If we are open, we are constantly being trained to love, to be gentle...the list goes on for whatever virtue we must be trained in.  Like a child, God puts us in situations hoping that we, too, learn and succeed. At first we won't enjoy being there, and we'll have a lot of "ut oh, uck's" in between, but if we submit our will and listen to the heavenly cheers, we too will succeed! 

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