Friday, November 20, 2009

Tests and Homework

"God expects us to do our best work on tests and homework." This is what Fr. mentioned in one quick sentence at Mass, today.  For some reason it has stuck with me.  Here are my thoughts:

Tests and Homework
From a Mother's perspective:
Do I do my best 'home'work?
Do I put forth my best effort to pass the test?

To do well on the test, we need to prepare - always to the best of our ability;
1. complete our 'home'work, no cheating ;)
2. listen better
3. put more effort into the details
4. ask for help
5. look over our work and make necessary changes

I need to consistently work on ALL the numbered points above, but 5 really gets me.  Have you ever thought you did well on a test, only to find out after the grade, you didn't?  This has happened to me! More pride here, thinking I'm doing well...sigh.  But, if I am forced to look at something from a different perspective, (usually better, though I may not think so at the time) I gain greater understanding!

Each person's best effort may record a different result; but we must be willing to put forth the effort and make the necessary changes. Only then will the Help shine through!

As we begin a new school church year next week, let us gather our 'supplies' and pledge to put forth our best effort so that we may 'pass the test'!

Have a Blessed Advent!

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