Monday, December 28, 2009

Imaginative Play

And this is what I caught as I was busy on the main floor, cleaning up from Christmas festivities:

As I began to yell at them to clean up the mess, I asked what they were doing.
The answer:
"We're having a cereal fight! Like snowball, only we're using cereal!  See, like this!"

Is it really good to foster imagination?
Why do they have to be so innocent?

My response, "Ok, you can cereal fight for 5 more minutes, then you have to clean up."

That is some expensive snow!


  1. Hopefully they ate some of the SNOW!

  2. oh my goodness....add a little milk and the rest of the kids and it would take no time at all to clean imagination....

  3. Just stick the dog down there. He'll help.