Sunday, January 3, 2010

Like Mother Like Daughter?

Who taught this girl how to cook?

Oh, wait, yes, I did.
And yes, she has learned well.
From me.
Did I just admit that?

As long as she remembers to take these chocolate brownies out of the oven on time, I can guarantee you they will be yummy!
The more love (aka mess) that goes into a project, the better it is!
Simply speaking from experience.

Gabrielle, concerning the shirt, and stated with a grin,
 "Well, it's gonna have to be washed anyway."

I may have said that before;
But that was years ago!
Or maybe 1 year ago;
Way back around Christmas time in 2009.

Mmmm, the aroma from the kitchen smells delicious!

Happy 2010!

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