Thursday, January 14, 2010

Tackle Snow Football

We're having a heat wave!
31º F

This throw is SO tempting ME to join the game!

After one more picture of the princess,
and some quick thinking:

Babe is fed
Toddler is napping
Big girls will babysit

Scramble for a pair of snowpants!
YEAH, They Fit!

And I am off to join the game
And this Mama had Fun!

An hour and a half later:

Nice game face!
I swear I didn't do it!
He was on my team!

(Not that being on my team would make a difference on some days)

Thanking God for Biggest Brother!

Is there a tooth fairy floating around blog world?
The one around here might be a bit sore...

It does a mama good!
Pass it on!

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