Wednesday, January 6, 2010

Feast of the Epiphany

How does the Gift of Christmas begin?

The Angel came to Mary to tell her she would have a son; the Spirit breathes the life of Jesus into her womb. And Mary proclaims, “I am the servant of the Lord, let it be done to me as you have said.” Then, Mary got ready and hurried to visit Elizabeth.

Mary was “Charged with the Spirit” and she was never alone!  Fr. Joseph Donders tells us in his book, Charged with the Spirit: Mission is for Everyone, “No one has ever succeeded in following God’s plan alone: there is too much fear to overcome, too many obstacles to clear, and too much resistance and confusion to set aside.”

Fr. Donders goes on to give us examples of togetherness: “What did Mary do?  She visited Elizabeth, where she received affirmation and support.  The first thing Jesus did on His walk along the lake was look for company; inviting people he accidentally met, to join Him.  The last thing He did on earth was look for company, in the Garden!  Together, with His family and friends He engaged himself for the Kingdom of God.” We too are meant to affirm and support each other as we engage on our journey!
Like the journeying wise men, each of us also has a gift to carry and share! Fr. Donders reminds us, “We each have a mission to accomplish."  Do we celebrate Jesus at Christmas, but then forget to grow with Him along the way?  Many times Jesus reaches our hearts and minds, but we miscarry Him before He grows in our soul!  Fr. Donders goes on to tell us, “We are called to realize the Kingdom of God." Realize! Realize means to understand clearly; to fulfill.  We realize the Kingdom of God, “by the way wives and husbands love each other and relate to their children; by the way children relate to their parents and future; by the way we offer our services; and by the way priests offer the sacraments.”  Fr. Donders also tells us, "We cannot complete our mission unless we attract others, and we attract others by witnessing our vision of God within our approach to life!”  Yes, within our own simple vocations; with our ‘Yes’ right where God has planned us to be! Not knowing fully what is to come, but faithfully trusting and loving from the depth of our souls!  When Love spills over, we become impregnated with the Spirit, resulting in fruit of the womb: A true witness of Love, then pain, in exchange for Joy as we greet new life and bear spiritual children for the Kingdom of God.

So I challenge you to share in my New Year’s Resolution:

To trust and to love;
Letting go.
Asking for help
to trust and to love,
Especially when my being wants to fear and throw a fit. 

How does the gift of Christmas end? 

It doesn’t!  However, it is fulfilled when we ALL make our home in the Kingdom of God!
John 14


Holy Father, You have chosen us to carry Your Son in our dusty souls;
As we say yes to You, may Your Spirit give us the courage and strength to hold your Son in the way each of us are called on any particular day.

Holy Spirit, charge and impregnate us!  Do not turn away from our ugliness, but with Mary, show us how to care for Christ.  As we travel together, guide us to love ALL the people you put in our lives, so that we may reflect His love and beauty and rejoice with new life!

Jesus, as we carry You and offer all our services to You, may those we pass by feel the Calm Breeze and Love of You, our True Life. May we all be attracted to your light; and together share our gifts and support, in humble adoration! 

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  1. Wonderful post! Thank you Maria for sharing this.