Monday, June 29, 2009

Camping Highlights (vol 2)

First Knight:
Vincent comes to the rescue...ready to feed his Mama!
(and maybe himself-do you notice the drool?)
Day 2:
The Trout Fishing Adventure:
By Luke

We got ready to go trout fishing. We changed hooks on some of the poles, got some buckets and nets and put them into the van. Dad, Grandpa, me, Michael, Daniel, John and Gina all piled in the van and went to the trout stream. When we got there, we noticed we forgot the bait at the campground so we had to use jigs.

We fished for a while. Well, Dad, Grandpa and I fished, and Michael, Daniel, John and Gina played in the crossing of the trout stream, where it was more shallow. Dad caught the first trout. It was a rainbow trout; not too big, but not small. Then Dad caught another rainbow, but Daniel pulled it in. After a while I spotted a big trout and yelled, "Dad I found a huge one!" Dad ran over. I was trying to catch it for about five or ten minutes, then Dad came over and tried. He said we would need to use live bait to catch it, so I ran over to get a crayfish and june bug that we caught while we were there. Dad tried calling me back when he hooked it with his white jig, but I didn't hear him. Then the trout broke his line and started swimming. Dad swooped down and stuck his thumb up its gill just as it was getting away, and pulled it out of the water. I was really excited.

When we got back to the van, the dead trout weighed 7 pounds 12 oz. My dad said it probably lost almost a half of pound since the time it died. We ended with 9 trout. We also came back with some baby crayfish and 2 bullfrogs for the pond.

Luke and Dad

Can you see the white jig stuck in the top lip?

I told them to bring dinner home, what a good crew!
Daniel, Luke, Michael, John

John was interested in finding rocks and playing with chubs.
Michael wins the award for staying the most dry.

Gina picking "flowers"

As they filleted the trout, John pipes up, "Is Jonah in there?"
(he must have thought it was big!)
It was confirmed a girl- another big mama!

This was Luke's dinner, until it fell into the fire...
He was hoping for cheek patches. I think he rescued one of them!

Cooling off at the beach:

And canoeing...
Kathryn and Gabrielle took over the canoe once it arrived, and gave free rides and fishing opportunities to those who wanted to partake.

We even got to celebrate Gabrielle's 12th Birthday early!
*or by the looks of the picture, late*

Day 3:
I'm Stumped...
Well, more so, humiliated!
Chalk me up with those woman drivers...

Ya know, a while back, I told my hubby he should get bigger tires and jack the truck up a bit.
I forgot that he didn't do that yet...

Why kids should play with legos:

Until next time...


  1. You should send your pictures to Lego company. I bet that is one of more creative ways their product has been used! Such fun pictures!

  2. Hi. I have a blog at where I feature other's blog posts about camping. May I quote you and send my readers to your site?


    Jean B. in SC