Monday, June 22, 2009

Timing kills me...

So you know the post about offering things up when they aren't going the way you want?

Yeah, let me just say I've got a lot to work on.

I hate it when I am being tested; know I am being tested; try to stop the major temper tantrum, but can't! Have you ever been there?

We had an engaged couple come over last night. The house was a disaster of seeds, mud (partially from the pond remodeling) and clothes from a multi child wardrobe changeover that has been in the process for a year. Yes, you read correctly, a year (sigh). My husband was excited to be able to see a good portion of our bedroom floor, but half of the disaster ended up on the kitchen table, amidst the few dirty dishes.

After realizing we had about an hour before the couple would be here, Gabrielle came to the rescue and made some mac and cheese for dinner. However, her attention to detail, or lack there of, started to wear on me. I am not an expert in this detail field, but evidently I have learned a little bit since I was her age. ;) I needed to be more patient with her.

As she was making dinner, I was fixing the vacuum cleaner that wasn't working due to some helpful child (or children) vacuuming up a bobby pin, pencil, and sucker stick which clogged the rest up with a bunch of dog hair and dirt. It felt good to get all that gunk out of it! I asked for someone to help bring me the garbage. John was excited to help! I was thanking him tipped over on the carpet. I was in disbelief and commanded him to put the stuff back into the can. I continued to put the vacuum back together, and one piece was not going on. I was doing ok until I noticed I had been working on it for over a half hour (yes, I am stubborn. I knew I could fix it, just one more try!) and our guests would be arriving soon to the previously described condition of our house + a tipped over garbage can on the carpet that John was not wanting to clean up because of some slimy stuff. All I wanted to do was tidy up quick and vacuum. It didn't happen. We had a bigger mess!

They showed up. The out of control woman of the previous 10 minutes all the sudden turned nice. I hate this. Well, it was good I snapped out of it, but I should have the moment it started.

Actually, they should have come 15 minutes early! Then all would have been fine. ;)


1. I hereby give you permission to arrive early to our home! ;)

2. The piece of the vacuum cleaner that wouldn't go on properly - I fixed it in one 20 second try after the couple left. Gotta love that...

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  1. Ah, the mad clean up before guest arrive. Sounds too familiar, unfortunately. I know I don't clean often enough when my daughter today asked me who was coming over when I told her I was going to vacuum so she needed to pick up her toys. I too despise the monster that appears when I end up dashing and stashing. My priorities are misplaced when I am so kind to my guests, but abrupt with my children before their arrival. Pride, I suppose, for me.