Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Brain damage...take 2

Child, "Umm, Mom, the stool broke."

To clarify the type of stool:

Parents, "Were you sitting on it properly?"

"I don't know. I was just sitting on it, and it broke."
Yes, I think our child has brain damage...

Being a brilliant parent that I am, I later pointed out the safety sticker on the bottom of the stool stating:

Proper use: ...Do NOT rock or tilt stool on two legs while seated.

Only to notice the next line: Do NOT let children use stool without adult supervision.

I guess I am at fault, too.

Why is it that kids can't resist rocking on a chair or stool. How many times have we heard, "Don't lean back in the chair!" Maybe it's just me, but growing up, we heard it a lot. Which brings back memories. At one point in time my parents decided to add a room on to the house. I had a particular brother who was notorious for balancing his chair on two legs, and reclining it back to rest on the wall behind him. That wall is the one that would later be knocked out to an open room. Yes, he was in such a habit of sitting back in his chair that he tried to lean it against the wall that no longer existed. He will never live that down, except for the day he was "down" on the floor. ;)

Thanks for the laugh, bro - you know who you are!

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