Friday, August 28, 2009

Empty Box = Full Lesson

Maybe its because the kids are getting older...
Maybe its because they are too much like a parent before them...

Maybe its because if they didn't get to them first, they wouldn't get any...
Maybe its because they don't want to get caught...

In any case, I found an empty box of cookies in the cupboard, neatly placed so that it looks like it has never been touched and opened. Another empty box/container kept special in the cupboard to fill with childhood memories:

One Christmas, my dear mother baked cookies. Actually, she baked every Christmas, but this one fills the cookie box today. She kept the cookies in the deep freezer out in the garage. A perfect place for cookies to be kept until Christmas; that is, unless you have a dear husband and 7 kids looking for treats.

About 2 weeks before Christmas, my mom decided to pull out a container of cookies. My grandparents were coming to celebrate my brother and I's December birthdays. Well, she pulled the container out and opened it. The container was empty, so she pulled another. It was empty. And another, and another and another: all empty! All the sudden we heard an agonizing "NOOO!" come from the garage. Mom went through the cookie containers (11 or 12 of them) which were supposed to be full of cookies-all empty!

A little later, Mom shared the story the neighbor, who also had a big family. And the neighbor lady said she was getting together with her adult girls to make Christmas cookies. My mom wished us girls were old enough to do that, but that was not the case. So, she got busy baking again, and made a few more containers worth. This time, she marked them "For Christmas! Don't Eat!" In the meantime, the generous neighbor lady came over with about 5 dozen of their Christmas cookies to share. Thank God for neighbors!

So, today's lesson for me comes from my mom whom I love, a memory, and an empty box: We must give and keep giving even when there is nothing in it for ourselves. Yes, there's nothing in it for me. It's not about me, but Christ who lives in me, doing His work. And as we keep giving, he fills us with more! It's all about Him.

Our Lord to St. Catherine of Siena (youngest of ≈ 25 children)
Do you know My daughter who you are and who I am? You are she who is not, and I am Who Is.

I spread the grace of my Spirit where I will... Be brave and obedient when I send you out among people. Wherever you go I will not forsake you, I will be with you, as is my custom, and will guide you in all that you are to do.

kinda sounds a lot like John 14.

All for the Glory of God!

1. Now just so you know, freezer cookies are different from fresh cookies or treats left out on the counter. When we got into those, we NEVER took the last one! It was then that we were working on our sharing hearts. ;)

2. Even to this day, (my dad is the only one home) she puts a note on the special containers: "For _____, Do Not Eat!" It is understood, and everything else is free for all! (Her notes remind me of Adam and Eve, and the forbidden fruit ;) )


  1. slight mistake in the story, I never got into anything without asking "mom" first, and I can't read or spell so notes do me no good......(still)

  2. that is a very funny and heartwarming story!
    I just found you as i browsed the Catholic Mom's Blogroll [i like to do that once in a while :)

    God bless!