Monday, August 17, 2009

A Slug-ger

There are just some things about boys that make me laugh! Maybe that's why God keeps gifting us with them: to bring humor to our lives. Some of you readers might not find the humor in this little story, but I am still chuckling. Maybe it's because I had to try and bottle the laughter up when it happened...thus no picture. These boys of mine don't need any encouragement!

John came strolling back into the bathroom this evening, after his shower, bare back, announcing, "Mom, can you get the slug off my back?"
I questioned him, "You have a slug on your back?"
"Yes, I can't reach it, Daniel put it there."

John turned around, and I didn't see a slug. It wouldn't surprise me if I did see a slug there. The boys have found slugs in the yard to feed to the fish. It's possible one of them snuck a slug into the house. It's also possible that one of them would think it is cool to see how a slug would crawl on someone else's back.

Daniel came giggling into the bathroom as I was telling John he didn't have a slug on his back. Try as I might, I could not keep a straight face as I looked at Daniel and his "slug".

Do you want to know what was crawling on John's bare back?

A big slimy booger!
aka slug
straight from Daniel's nose

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