Monday, October 12, 2009


So, our 15 passenger van in is the shop. Therefore I am driving a mini-van. I now know why they call them mini! It is so small! Biggest change, other than mere appearance, when I get out, my foot touches the ground. Weird! Usually I slide out from the upper atmosphere and it takes a while before my feet touch bottom. And when I get in, I just sit down. Weird. I'm used to the step, pull, step method. My body is confused!

I already had to go out and pick up a sick, puking kiddo from school. I saw a few people on the way to and fro, and guess what, they didn't see me! Do you know how good it feels; not to be noticed and stand out, exp: "oh, there's the __mobile!"

Yes, that's the introvert in me coming out! I kinda like not being noticed. Funny that I should be blogging.

For a short time,

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