Friday, October 30, 2009


I'm in the midst of a few house projects.

Presently, I have wall paper mostly taken off of 2 bathroom walls (waiting for help to remove toilets and a sink- shortly, it might turn into a hands on self taught project ;) I think my husband takes pleasure in the fact that if he waits long enough, I will try it my self.) Anyway, we are also looking into ripping up well liked carpet and putting a hard floor down in our 'school' room. This is the ADD coming out in me. I really have a hard time sticking to a task and finishing it - or am I just flexible and able to handle multiple things at once?

Either way, I was thinking about putting some sort of irregular stone or tile onto the school room floor. As I was gathering ideas from this wonderful internet, I got to thinking these irregular stones can reflect us - our family, a bit irregular, patched together and laid on the foundation of the Catholic Church. Each of us with our our intricacies, yet still able to be stuck together. We need each other to portray the beauty of whole. By ourselves, we might look neat, but patched together we are so much more - Beautiful, Meaningful, Strong!

Someday you will be able to see the finished projects...

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