Friday, October 23, 2009

Store-ing up Treasures!

Welcome to the neighborhood SAMS club.

Now if you are shopping in this store, you should be used to BULK items.
Including the main display today: Mom's Pre-school Package: 4 children, 4 and under (at least for 4 more days ;) ).

We had fun in SAMS today.

It all started with another mother commenting on the display above and how great they were. Followed up with her commenting on the fact that she is not ready to bring her 4 young children to the store, and in awe that it can work. For me, it has to work. Somedays it is not always in good order, but it works. As conversation went on, I filled her in that these 4 were the bottom half of 9 children. She replies, "So, you've had practice." Yes, lots of practice: namely in prayer!

I think she was priming us for what was to come. The record breaking number of times I would hear, "You have your hands full!"

First: a confirming smile.

Second: a bit of conversation followed by an attitude of "I can't talk right now, the baby is starting to cry, and 2 walkers are getting into the fridges asking if we needed everything in them."

Third: After the record breaking statement mentioned above, to John, "How do you like being the oldest?" John informs her that he is not the oldest, and I reiterate, "Yes, we have 9." I find it funny when I have to repeat the amount of children we have.

Did she
a. not believe him
b. believe she did not hear correctly
c. have short term memory loss
d. all the above

I don't know for sure, but I always blame it on c. short term memory loss. I guess that comes from my years visiting nursing homes. Repeat, repeat, repeat. That lesson comes in handy!

Fourth: This was great! I still laugh when I picture this man's behavior. We turned right to walk down an isle. The man, behind us went straight. Then, stopped. Came toward us and stared for a few seconds. Evidently our display caught his eye? Then he continued on in the direction he was intending to go. A moment later, he came back to observe our moving display, and quoted the 'record statement of the day': "My, you have your hands full." He was genuinely amazed. And I chuckled at his amazement, and followed up with, "Yes, aren't they great! I wouldn't have it any other way." And his reply, "That's great!"

Fifth: another confirming smile. I was still stuck on the gentleman mentioned fourth!

And, It's still ringing in my ears,
"My, you have your hands full!"


I wouldn't have it any other way.

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