Saturday, March 27, 2010

If you take a girl to the dentist

Gina Style

If you take a girl to the dentist, she will valiantly hold her mouth shut.  Since she did not open her mouth, you will have to set up another appointment in six months, in hopes for a better result.  Before going to the next appointment, you rave on about seeing the dentist. You even go to the extreme of buying a beautiful dancing shirt that she picked out. (She needs clothes for summer, but you won't give this shirt to her until she cooperates with the dentist.) Since you set up a second appointment, you take the girl to the dentist again.  On the way to the dentist office, the car ride goes something like this: Girl, "Yeah, we're going to the dentist! I'm going to do really good so I can take the tags off my new shirt."

Upon arriving at the dentist office, all is well!  However, once the hygienist brings the girl to the room, the girl forgets her desire to take the tags off her new shirt.  If you put a girl in a dentist room, she will see a pretty princess toothbrush that she really wants!  The hygienist tries to give it to her, but mom says, "Not unless she nicely lets you look at her teeth." and intercepts the toothbrush.  Because, if you take a girl to the dentist, mom gets really stubborn, too!

If you take a girl to the dentist and mom gets stubborn, she will hold the girl in her lap and pry her mouth open to let the dentist see the concerning spots on the girls teeth.  If a strong willed mom shows a dentist a reluctant girl's teeth, the dentist will recommend her to go to another dentist.  
In fear of girl chomping off his hand?

If you get recommended to another dentist you will have to make another appointment.  If you have to make another appointment, you will have to talk with a valiant girl about true courage and remind her about the pretty shirt she desperately wants to wear.  

If you set up an appointment with a new dentist (another male, yet unbeknown to girl), the girl will get sick with stomach flu in the wee hours of the morning on appointment day.  If the girl is sick, you will have to set up another appointment. This time the next available was with the wife of same recommended office. 

If you set up a fourth appointment, the girl will have more time to adjust to the idea of a dentist seeing her teeth.  Mom will be calling grandma to ask for prayers for stubborn girl to let the dentist see her teeth. Mom will talk it up again and pray all the way there, in hopes for a positive result.  

If you take a girl to the dentist, and it's a girl dentist, the little girl will do anything the girl dentist asks. You will wonder if this is the same child you struggled with for past visits to previous dentist. And  you will be happy to report to daughter's dad her thoughts, "I really like GIRL dentists!"  For that statement, dad thinks she should go back to the boy dentist.

If the girl likes a dentist, you will go back to that dentist to fix her teeth.  Mom will explain what is going to happen, and girl will say, "If it's at the girl dentist, I'll go!"

If you take a girl to get her teeth fixed, she will have a numb mouth.  
Since she had a numb mouth, she was able to get this shiny tooth!  
However, since she has a numb mouth, she might bite her cheek.  If she bites her cheek bad enough, she will have to eat soft foods.  If she has to eat soft foods, her mom will want to make her a smoothy for some sort of nutrition.  If mom goes to make a smoothy, the blender will break, and the motor will not operate.  If the motor does not work, mom will have to find a new blender.
If mom finds a new blender, she will taste her speedy concoction and have to call hubby to tell him how great it (the blender and the smoothy) is.  
The girl will be begging to have her smoothy back,
 and hubby will ask for a smoothy when he gets home.  

All because I took a girl to the dentist.  ;)
Vincent and the dancer wanted smoothy, too!

If YOU have to replace a blender, I highly recommend this one.  I've used it once, but the smoothy was made in seconds.  Smooth and Yummy!  If I change my mind, I'll let you know.


  1. I think I would have just bought a blender and forgot the rest of the stuff!!! I am wore out reading it....

  2. Wow, Maria! You're an amazing writer and story teller! Bob suggested that I find your blog and read about Gina's dental experiences when I'd taken Andrew in to his office for multiple illnesses. I'm so glad that I found your blog and got to read this posting. You made my day!
    --Cassidee (Joseph, Jacob, and Andrew's mom)

  3. When I was a little girl, I was really afraid to go to the dentist. It will really take a while before my mother will convince me to go to the dentist. Good thing that a Jackson, Tn dentist is really convinced me that all Jackson, Tn dentists and going to them isn't scary at all and it is scarier to see your teeth get damaged.