Monday, May 18, 2009

Deep thoughts

By Daniel:

"Everyone in our family has a "p" in their name!"

He continues to name us all off...
"Mom, Dad, Daniel, (notice he is not going to forget himself) Gabrielle, Luke, Kathryn, Michael, John, Vincent, Gina, the baby. Huh, did you know we have almost 11 people in our family?!"

With a look of shock, "That's a lot!"

Back to the serious look, "But not if God gives us 10 more kids, then it would be 20. That's maybe enough. But I don't think we should have a thousand, that would be way too many. We would get way squashed in our house and no way would we fit in one room."

1 comment:

  1. Oh Daniel, this is why I love ya! Always can put a smile on someon'e face:) He is a clever one!