Monday, May 17, 2010

Camping Highlights (vol 4)

A quick get-a-way
To honor the goal of recreation
With some:
 Yummy Marshmallows:
Competitive 4-Square!
A bit of exercise:
And a bit of rest:
As Kathryn puts it,
"I don't want to overexert myself!"
So the next time you feel a little burnt-out:
Peel away the blackness and you'll find the good stuff beneath!
Because a little fire and some fresh air is just what the Doctor ordered!
Thanks, Doc!
We feel much better.  :) 

Maybe it's because I'm getting a quick break from chasing the two sleepers below:


  1. Hi Maria,

    Very cool that you have been camping already! We are starting to think about planning our first family trip. Mike and the boys go this weekend for the boys first Cub Scout camp out. They are so excited. The girls and I will be hosting 9 friars from New York for the weekend. We are also very excited. Much love for you and the family!

  2. What a blessed opportunity! I'm sure they will have great times to share.