Thursday, May 13, 2010

Sparkling Spring Carnival!

Gina, on the morning of the spring carnival, "Mom, it's sparkling outside!" 
It was sprinkling.
The proof is on the window:
This was taken on our way to this young ladies' appointment to the orthodontist, as we zig-zaged through the neighborhoods dodging closed roads.

And now her mouth is 'sparkling' as well:

Later that day was our Annual Spring Carnival.  
Spring: because it always seems to rain. 
Carnival: because it truly is an exciting or riotous mixture of something.

Like when we were loading up to go, and half the kids ran up to the park to see if they could locate where the lightening hit ground with an array of fiery sparks during a previous storm.  And in that time, we missed our window of opportunity to arrive at the carnival dry before the next storm came through.

We were drenched, but somehow we survived the excitement
Well, most of the tribe anyway:
There is a reason one baby and two adults are not pictured.
Can we say, excitement overload.

Has anyone seen Mrs. Potato Head?

Umm, yes, 
A Sparkling Spring Carnival

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  1. Love Christopher's expression! lol Excitement overload, indeed.