Sunday, May 30, 2010

Power at the Pump

Memorial Day Weekend:
A time to remember those who have died in active military service! A tribute to those who pay the price so I can live freely.
for your service!

It is also a highly traveled weekend due to a 3 day vacation for most people.  This year we have joined the ranks and made a journey just over 400 miles in one direction to visit family for a beautiful baptism.

But, back to the story.  Do you ever get 'loaded up' and think you're ready to leave, but don't actually get out the door for another hour due to loading process?  We are notorious for not leaving at the scheduled time when we first get started out on a trip. I think it's the: making sure we have what we need, the bathroom breaks, the chasing toddlers while trying to remember what we're forgetting.  For some reason, it's an accomplishment just to get out of the door!  

We stumbled through loading up yesterday.  As I put the final touches into bags after completing laundry, my dear husband cleaned out the van.  It's always good to start with a clean slate! Especially after the van has been lived in: for eating, napping, playing and storing garbage and clothes in between activities. In the meantime, my 'key boy' kept himself occupied by 'helping' Daddy.  Vincent has mastered the gadgets of the van. He was thoughtful as he helped his Daddy: giving him music to listen to, air conditioning, lights, and he even checked to make sure the blinkers worked! 

Vincent was thorough.  We finally got to the point of pulling out of the driveway. Or so I thought.  I turned the key to start the van.  Nothing.  So I tried again.  And smile.  Who was I kidding that we'd be leaving.  Thank God we had another vehicle and jumper cables.  There's something about being connected to a Power source to recharge our batteries.

The engine started back up after the second try and we were out of the driveway and on the road to deliver the doggy to his favorite play place.  I like this little trip out the door, completely loaded.  It gives me time to think about what we may have forgotten.  Two things made the list this time after we dropped off the doggy.  We came back to the house on our way to the interstate for the important things: camera and sippy cup!  And would you believe, 3 kids jumped out to use the bathroom!  Boy am I glad we didn't get down the road 2o minutes, and hear, "I have to go potty!"

In those few minutes back at the house, our neighbor yelled across the street, "Did you remember to pack your patience?"  I chuckled and thought, 'I'm not sure.'  My husband on the other hand responded, "Yep, I think all our patients are accounted for!" Just another way we think differently.  

And we were off!  Traveling with kids is an adventure in itself.  They get along, they fight, they sleep and they get loud and rambunctious with no rhyme or reason for any situation. Ok, well maybe there is reasoning behind some of it: like fighting when they are starving and sharing laughter after being  refueled.  Its fun, and at times trying, as we decipher which pokes to ignore and which ones to correct. But we're in it together and even though we get on each other's nerves at times, we still have the opportunity to love and practice patience.

And that is where this story came to fruition.  As we sat in church, Father reiterated, "God is Patience. This week, ask God for the gift of patience, because He is always Patient with us."  All I could think of was our neighbor asking if we packed all our patience. But, you know, our tanks only hold so much.  We need to refuel; stop in at the Station during our journey, so the Holy Spirit can pump us full with Patience once again; that we may Love like Christ:   

Life is full of times when we miss turns and have to map out new directions.  Sometimes we're in control and other times we have to sit back and be patient with others when we don't understand what they are doing.  We should smile and say Thank You, just like our Father, when He watches our feeble attempts to serve Him.

And so, We Soldier On...

"Are we there yet?"  
"When will we be be there?"
"When we get there; enjoy the ride!"
"Ewe, the van tooted!"
(followed by giggles)

For God so loved the world...
So must we!

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