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7 Quick Takes Friday! (Vol.3)

A little bit of Heaven on Earth edition.
Once again, thanking Jen at Conversion Diary for hosting:
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Easter Sunday:
Rejoice with Me;
Share your Master's Happiness!

Our family was able to share in our Master's Happiness for Easter morning Mass. For me, a number of emotions ran through. From relief of the fast, to excitement, and then joy which truly spilled over from our priest. There was something different about this day. Peace triumphed. Father talked about God's sense of humor, and after the homily, Vincent was giggling away, acting as a contagion to those around him. On this day, I had a hard time trying to tell him to stop. It was pure joy shared with love.

After Mass we got to spend the day with extended family. We enjoyed the company of parents/grandparents, siblings/aunts and uncles, cousins/nieces and nephews! A couple of egg hunts highlighted the kids day along with the grand finale of cracking eggs. There are a few competitors in this family - we even had the babes in the womb participate against each other (of course with mama's help)! Our baby was the champion of that match - not that anyone is really keeping track. ;) Visit Elephants Crossing to read up on more of the egg cracking tradition! They actually took pictures - I was too busy competing and making sure my kiddos didn't accidently take an egg that had been decorated and treasured by another sibling.

Heavenly breakfast!
Breaking the fast:
A cup of coffee and banana nut muffin has never tasted sooo good:

Where do you find Jesus?

Gina: (with a smile) "I dun know. Come here Mom. Mo-om 'me-here. He right here! In pray room! I love Him, and Mary here. And Jesus here." (if I type anymore, it will be redundant)

John: I don't know. But when He's alive, I do want to see him. But I don't want to see him in hell, that's bad!"

Daniel: In Heaven, and our hearts. Umm, on the cross, and in pictures. Mom, Jesus is everywhere, duh." (overheard as he was running off to play: "Jesus is with me, Mary's with me, God's with me...")

Michael: "On the Cross, and in all the pictures and statues."

Luke: "In pictures, and in my heart, mind and soul. And around me and on the cross."

Gabrielle: "Most of the time, in my heart and mind and whenever I'm praying, it feels like He's all around me."

Kathryn: "Mostly through my friends and family. Something about them will remind me of God, usually by something they say or do."

Learning about Divine Mercy
From the voice of John:

John: "Do you remember when Jesus saw me and took my sins away?"
Mom (baffled) "No, tell me about it."
John: "He gived us the white jellybeans, too!" He's awesome! I hate the black ones."
Mom: "Yes, He sure is Awesome, John! Did you know He wants us to be just like Him? He wants us to take away the black beans and replacing them with white."
John: "How?"
Mom: "By loving and forgiving others when they do bad things or hurt you."
John (with a big smile): "Ohhh, cool."

How cool it that?
Jesus died for us. And as He was being hurt, He set the great example of loving and praying for all of us who continue to have black jelly beans staining our souls.

Psalm 136:
Give thanks to the Lord, for He is Good
His Mercy Endures Forever!

A perfect park day:



Daniel and John

What I learn from tree climbers:

It's quieter and peaceful up there,
It's sometimes good to see things from a different view,
Some branches deceive you and make you stumble,
It can be scary at times - but perseverance gets you back Home.

Kathryn and Michael

Oh, to make our hearts look and smell (use your imagination) like this:

Easter is supposed be celebrated for 50 days!

May we always strive to experience and be a witness to that Easter Joy:
By the grace of God, may we work to spread His love and mercy to the people He places in our lives. As usual, we're all works in progress. Serving God will not end in our pleasure, but it will redefine pleasure. Pope Benedict XVI reminds us, "The ways of the Lord are not comfortable, but we were not created for comfort...but for greatness, for good."
We learn this from the cross Jesus embraced; with great suffering comes great reward.

"For the sake of His sorrowful passion, Have mercy on us and on the whole world."

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