Friday, April 24, 2009

Living Water

My God, if we were to grasp heavenly inspirations in all their fullness and power, we would make great progress in virtue in a very short time. No matter how abundant the source of the water is, the water does not enter the garden in proportion to the source but in proportion to the canal that carries it. In the same way, the Holy Spirit, as a source of living water, surrounds our heart on all sides to scatter His grace according to His pleasure, but He does not want to enter the heart without the free consent of our will or without our cooperation. (T.L.G. Book 2, Ch. 11; O. IV, p. 121)

Ok, so I just realized the date was for yesterday - but like usual, I am running behind! I'm glad God understands this. ;)

Anyway, this morning was one of those mornings I thought would be great.

I was up and ready, took Kathryn to school, brought her back home to get the cookies she forgot for Math, took her back to school. 25 minutes of my time - gone. I was hoping to have that time to get the rest of the crew up and ready for school and Mass. On the drive home, I prayed for extra angels to help my children get ready quickly and happily. It happened! It WAS great!

The others got off to school in time, and I made it to Mass. Right before the entrance song, Daniel exclaims he needs to go to the bathroom, followed by Gina. I waited, I thought he went before we left, I know Gina went. Then, I smelled Vincent. Off to the bathroom we went - the kids thought it was Great!

I went to change Vincent. NO diaper or wipes in the diaper bag. I did however have 1 spare princess pull-up that had been sitting in there for about 6 months. It came into use (without Gina's knowledge) along with paper towels provided by the church. I thought that was great!

John wanted to sit by me in church, so did Gina and obviously Vincent got lap priority, along with the babe within. (By the way, I am wondering where the babe is going to fit the next 3 months of growing into. Maybe it is just me, but I am already feeling a bit expanded...) So a little fight broke out between John and Gina in church, which led to John's tears. He quieted down quickly - God is Great.

We get ready to go to Communion, everyone walked nicely - until we got 2 pews away from Father. Gina collapsed on the floor, all of the sudden wanting to be held. Vincent in left arm, babe in center, and Gina in right arm. I'm sure we were quite the sight. Maybe I should not have tried to come today, but they were doing so well! Gina lost her shoe on the floor where she collapsed, and I left it. We will get it after Mass. I smile at Father, received my Strong Lord, and continued on. We get back to our seats, and a dear friend held Vincent as I helped Gina calm down. Another older lady brought Gina's shoe back to us. Amidst the trial, it was Great.

This is where the daily reading comes in: as I thirsted for a drink of the Living Water, my thirst was quenched - flowing in by the gifts of those around me. Thank you. And, though I may have times when I think I can make it in this world alone, I thank God for grace of each other. There are many times I need to cooperate more freely, but I thank God for you - all of you whom God has placed in my life: You keep me smiling, which creates another canal and flows over to the next thirsting soul.

"The smile on your face lets me know that you need me. There is a Truth within!" -author unknown

Have a blessed Friday!

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