Monday, April 20, 2009

A little reminder

So this morning, Vincent began to cry like something was really wrong. Initially, upon hearing this cry, thought I would be making another call to the Dr. for some stitches. Not this time.

Vincent managed to climb into an empty hamper - the collapsable kind. It was open, laying on its side, and Vincent crawled right in. He was simply suck in a hamper-needing help, feeling like there was no way out. I for some reason laughed at him. Yes, you can picture it, baby screaming, mom laughing at the poor child who worked so hard to get in there, then got stuck.

I am reminded God also laughs at us. No matter how inadequate (or stuck) we are, He simply laughs, helps us out and encourages us to press on.

"God does not require us to succeed, He only requires that you try." Mother Teresa

note to reader:
(I wish I could say I was actually doing laundry at the time, but no, it was left over from a couple days ago - so there are probably clothes laying on the floor in which ever room it came from. Who am I kidding, there are clothes laying on the floor - in more than the one room, sigh.)


  1. What a wonderful quote from Blessed Mother Teresa. A little refreshment of encouragement needed for a mother feeling far from success.

    The Vincent story reminds me of one I have been told many times of my husband. He would climb onto the bottom shelf of a tea cart as a toddler and couldn't figure out how to back out. Poor child, his siblings didn't help any; they lured him there by putting little treats on the shelf. Cheap entertainment for them I guess.

  2. ah yes, as mothers go... I remember a certain child who climbed up the shelves of the hallway cupboard and got stuck. Crying because he could not get down, his mother went looking for the camera so she could get a picture of it...