Monday, April 13, 2009

Today's Lesson in German History

Gummy Bears!
AKA Gummibar - German meaning "rubber bear"

My kids love these candies - I am sure I owe some credit to a favorite Great Aunt that supplies them for every birthday/holiday, and if she forgets, my kids remind her. (They are way too spoiled!)

The gummy candy that usually comes to our home appears as gators, worms (good for fish bait when you forget to bring bait and want to temporarily keep the kids happy on a fishing adventure), sharks or fish, but I am sure they are a variant of the gummy bear! I would show you a picture of the favorite gators, but we are out - that is NOT a hint Great Aunt! We have plenty of candy here, and CAN wait until the next event!

So, have you ever wondered about the origin of these favorite candies?

Personally, I will answer no, but due to a song going crazy in my house, we decided (actually I decided) it would be a good idea to brush up on some history.

All you ever wanted to know about Gummi bears! Simply click the link into a new window, and you will find 6 short pages (yes, they really are short) pages about the history of Gummi bears.

Play the tune in a different window while you read up on your history
- WARNING - it is catchy, but cute!

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  1. I love the song:) I have some dancing little girls that cannot get enough of it. Thanks for sharing")