Friday, July 2, 2010

7 quick takes (vol 5)

*Take 1*

Why does June go so fast? Always.  

It's here.
We adjust to summer break.
It's gone.

Maybe we need to pick up the adjusting pace a bit so we can keep up?

*Take 2*
"7 is the best birthday ever!"
Some fishin'
Some trout
Some blue gill
Some family
Who could ask for anything more?

*Take 3*
Last day of swimming lessons:
"Hey you in the green, are you jumping?"
Too Fun!
With a bit of work
And great attitudes!

*Take 4*
My Super Heros!
 "Shirtless Super Heros, To the Rescue!"
I am so grateful for these young men.  
And their sister, who made sure they didn't "miss a spot!"
The polarized glasses helped. 
~Or so she says.

*Take 5*
We have another teenager:
After her favorite meal of BBQ Ribs, this young lady is sure to have a great year!
We Love You!

*Take 6*
In less than 20 days, my baby will be 1.
Yes, he is still the baby!

*Take 7*
Maybe, just maybe, I'll do better blogging in July! That is if the one child who made the blog in June decides to stick around home.

Until next time...

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  1. 7 *is* the best birthday. I found you from Conversion Diary, and really enjoyed your pictures.

  2. What an adorable baby! Looks like the whole family haves fun.