Sunday, July 11, 2010

Fly Guy: Saving the World One Buzz at a Time

And who ever thought one of my son's favorite books and some annoying flies could make a blog?
Flies:  I seem to be collecting them in my house.  Some fruit flies hovering over what should have been cleaned dishes and fruit eaten 3 days ago delicious fruit; some other annoying house flies, seeming to come and buzz in my ear, and touch me on the arm.  They can be a bit of a nuisance; but so can we.  Have you ever compared yourself to a fly?

Oh to be like a fly - PERSISTENT!

I don't think I have ever seen a fly give up on reaching food. What food should we persevere towards? God!  Sometimes it's hard.  Sin keeps shooing us away. However, when we see good food, we'll stay on target.  We must fly to God with our prayers and never give up on Him. A simple buzz in His ear will do, "Hi God!" Or even a silent touch on His arm. Unlike us, He'll listen and watch as we try to stay close.  He knows what is good for us, and always fills us.  Sometimes with a 'yes', sometimes with a 'wait a while' and sometimes with a 'I have something better that you can not see right now!'

That last option makes me think of the garbage zone.  Sometimes we need to go through the trashy parts of life to reap the best fruit.  Once we are fed (by spending time with God) we go on our mission to help other flies find the food.  Buzzing Praying along as we fly. At times we will bump into a wall, "Ouch!" or a window ("Deceit looks so real!"), but we must reconcile and keep going.  Praying and trusting in God's love and mercy. He will always give us the best answer, but we must keep asking; keep moving to reach our fulfillment. The garbage zone is our true cross, but by perseverance, we help others attain the best as well. We may wander at times, but we must never give up on the Goal; we must use our eyes to scan beyond the initial image we see, so that we may come to a better understanding of the whole picture.

"Is fly guy lost? No, here he is."
"Fly high, fly guy! Lead us Home."

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