Saturday, July 3, 2010

Summer Birthday Bash


I don't know how you celebrate cousins' birthdays, but on one side of our family, we basically have tri- or semi-annual birthday bashes (depending on the busyness of families) It works well, especially when there are so many young kiddos lives to celebrate, and family spread over a few towns/states. 
Here is our photo recap:
 Some Baseball
Some Football
And other things:
Looks like she needs a sibling ;)
'Like Father, Like Son'
And some Rest:
Great Grandma rocking my neice:
It was HOT!
 But the Grill Master Carried on
So we could eat:
I don't know how he got his food up there, but it looked cozy!
After the tanks were full, we sang Happy Birthday to each child before he/she opened presents.
This year, we sang 10 times.
That's a lot of Happy Birthday's!
Well, make that 11.  We had to sing when they blew out their candles together!
Once the kids are loaded up on sugar cake, it's time for:

 Pinata bursting!

I blame this child's grasp of the bat on her mother ;)
And that's all folks.  I'll spare you a photo of the minor Dr. visit.  Mostly because I don't have one, but also because it wouldn't be good for those of you susceptible to churning bellies.

Until Next Time...

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