Saturday, July 10, 2010

Armor of God from LIfeTeen

 I found this video first at Faith and Family from Lisa and thought it was worthy of sharing. The LifeTeen website is exceptional: with movie reviews, current events, catechism, Sunday preview of the readings etc. I have shared it with my teens, and have enjoyed it myself as well.
“Attack comes with fatigue, distractions, temptations. Morality and virtue are stressed and tested. This war is about how you defend yourself. No guns or bombs, but true armor.”

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  1. Thank you, Maria, this is excellent. A great way to catechize teens, but also a great reminder for all of us to be soldiers; not passive soldiers, but actively out there on the front winning souls for God.

    Johnnette Benkovic had a great Women of Grace episode this week along these lines, esp. when it comes to dads and their role in raising up soldiers. If you missed it, I saved it on DVR, you are welcome anytime to come watch it. :) --Kathy