Sunday, March 8, 2009


Ever wonder if your children are a distraction at Mass?  

Usually I wonder, today, I KNEW!

Peace be with you; Peace be with you; I love you; Peace be with you...

Why is a third of the parish family chuckling quietly?

I still don't know for sure. However, I do know 2 of my children caused their laughter.

Gina was prostrate at the alter in the front row, center isle.  If John wasn't trying to drag her back to where we were sitting, I would have thought, 'oh, someone is preparing for final vows, already.' I motioned John to come back without her, then walked over to help her back to our seat.  All eyes and sounds were on us.  I smiled as I went to help her up - she however, turned into a limp doll.  Vincent in one arm, Gina dragged in the other (a little better than what John could do).  We are back in our seats.  Holding back the tears, and then holding back the chuckle myself as I assessed the damage in my mind.  

Damage:  My pride!

Thanks be to God  ;)


  1. This is GREAT! Now I can stay "in the loop" with all of the interesting happenings of your family. Never a dull moment. Never know what will happen next. Aunt Patti

  2. Thanks for the great chuckle! :)

  3. Maria, you give me HOPE!!! I haven't ever openly told you what an inspiration you are to me! I love ya sis :)