Sunday, March 29, 2009

Kathryn is 14

Kathryn isn't so little anymore, she is now the BIG 14! Wow, 14 years have gone by fast. From dance and soccer to more soccer and plays, you continue to impress me. You are a fine young lady with so much to offer this world. It's exciting to watch you grow in mind and spirit. God has truly blessed us with your presence. My prayer for you, is that you may become more and more like the godly woman in Proverbs 31:

Work hard, share kindness and always keep God first in your life so that you may wear the cloak of strength and dignity. God Bless You!

Next up: Kathryn's first car! Her grandparents were kind enough to get this for her birthday. It's always good to start small! I can't believe we will be teaching her to drive. I treasure these growing up years. I love watching her independence blossom. At the same time, I'm buckled down and ready for the ride. Yes, buckled down, keeping ground on some things, yet letting go of others. I guess you can say we have moved into the navigator seat with her.

May we be guided by the Spirit and protected by the angels!

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