Monday, March 23, 2009

Woman, Mother, Love!

A little Monday pick-me-up from our very own, Pope Benedict XVI as he addressed an audience in Africa:

"Woman equals the order of Love. The heart of man is enlightened and he sees himself reflected in her, bone of his bone and flesh of his flesh!"

The Holy Father, quoting Mary as she spoke to Jesus at the Wedding Feast of Cana, 'They have no more wine.' He continues, "Accept Mary as your advocate. This is precisely how we see her at the wedding feast of Cana: a tender woman full of motherly care and courage; a woman who recognizes the needs of others, and wanting to help, places those needs before the Lord. If we stay close to her, we can, all men and women alike, recover that sense of serenity and deep trust that makes us feel blessed by God and undaunted in our struggle for life."
The Pope goes on to remind us that the family itself can not stand. It needs God: "The building up of the Christian family takes place in the larger church family which sustains the domestic family and holds it close to her heart giving it the assurance that it is protected: now and in the future by the Yes of the creator."

To all women, I challenge you to love and be mothers to everyone you meet. Having children of my own helps me to understand, but it is not necessary to be a "blood" mother to possess the motherly qualities gifted from God to all women. Spiritual children can also be born of your pains, gifting them with eternal life!

Who will you adopt today, to watch over, care for and love in order that their life may be enriched by Love?

Have a blessed, Back to work, Monday!

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