Saturday, March 21, 2009

Keep Doing This in Remembrance of Me

That is the title of the flyer I received this morning from two Jehovah’s Witnesses.

The door bell rings, dog barks, I’m coming down the stairs with a load of dirty laundry, Vincent decides he is done with his breakfast and starts to fuss to get out of his highchair. As I’m coming down the stairs, I peer out the window and notice two gentlemen dressed in suits. I think to myself, well, probably Morman or JW. I drop the laundry next to the door and answer it as if they were family members whom I have not seen in a while.

“Hello There!” I cheerfully state!

After their initial shock of my greeting they begin, “I’m Mark and this is Mark.”

(Great, I’ll remember their names, 2 for the price of 1, my kind of deal!)

They continue, “Have you ever been invited to Kingdom Hall?”

Not knowing what they were even talking about at first, I said with a chuckle in my voice, “I don’t think so.”

They hand me a flyer, “Well, here is you invitation. It’s pretty serious matter…(Vincent began to fuss again and I did not pay close attention to the rest of what there were saying.) It sounds like you have to get back to a little one.”

“Yes, thank you, I have a few of them in here! Have a great day!”

I close the door, take Vincent out of his seat, and change his stinky diaper. As I throw it out in the bathroom trash, I notice the shirt I am wearing: CATHOLIC / EST. 33A.D. / ORIGINAL. Hmm, how fitting, I wonder if they noticed what it said. Maybe that is why they are at my door again, because the last two that came about month ago were talking to me and I told them I am Roman Catholic and someday they will come to understand what they are missing.

I come back downstairs, and look through the flyer quick. Oh, Kingdom Hall is where they worship. I get it. They were inviting me to their service to remember Jesus’ Last Supper. I am pretty slow sometimes! I start thinking. I should have invited them to our Good Friday service (since they will be busy Holy Thursday). Maybe I need to educate myself on their history so I can reach out to them as they continue to come to me. I read on, “You are also invited to a special Bible talk entitled ‘Is there a True Religion From God’s Standpoint?" Should I go to this and see what they have to say? In the life I have been given, how does God want me to reach out these family members?

Someday I may be able to have a meaningful conversation with them…until then, I hope my being speaks louder than words. I too am a Witness!

“This is my body which will be given up for you.”

“Do this in memory of Me!”


  1. Catholic Answers Live podcast had a show about JW/Mormonsa couple weeks ago on 3/3 or 3/2.

  2. Thanks KES! Here is the link if anyone else wants to hear what Catholic Answers has to say:
    It was 3/2.